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Diversity Action Plan Implementation Committee

As part of the Diversity Action Plan (DAP) initiative, the Division of Diversity and Engagement (DDE) has established a DAP Implementation Committee with its campus partners.

The purpose of this group is to implement measures to improve the overall campus climate, foster a culture of assessment and accountability, create a space where representatives from each college and Vice Chancellor unit can receive regular feedback on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and encourage greater collaboration across campus.

DDE is committed to continue to work alongside deans and vice chancellors as they implement their Diversity Action Plans and support ongoing accountability in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their respective areas. This collaborative effort will help transform the university climate and culture and will make UT a place in which all Vols matter and belong.

Below is a list of current members of that Committee, along with their respective units and colleges.

College / Unit Name Responsible Party 
College of Communication and Information Carolyn Hank and Amber Roessner
Herbert College of Agriculture Caula Beyl and John Stier
Tickle College of Engineering Paul Frymier and Ozlem Kilic 
College of Law Val Vojdik and Wendy Bach
College of Social Work Camille Hall and Bill Nugent
Division of Student Life Melissa Brown and Mandie Beeler
Office of Advancement  Lance Taylor and Ronni Williams
Office of the Provost  Diane Kelly and Ron Kalafsky
Office of Research and Engagement    Sarah Pruett and Erin Chapin
Office of Communication and Marketing Tisha Benton and Jacob Rudolph
College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences Ellen McIntyre and Dorian McCoy
Division of Diversity and Engagement Janelle Coleman and Javiette Samuel
UT Libraries  Melanie Dixson and Cathy Jenkins
Finance Administration
Mary Lucal and María Martínez
College of Arts and Sciences  Angie Batey and Shayla Nunnally
Haslam College of Business Clarence Vaughn and Charles Noble
College of Veterinary Medicine Michael Jones and Ricardo Videla 
College of Architecture and Design Rana Abbudayyeeh and Milagros Zingoni 
College of Nursing Terri Durbin and Kimberly Brown
Athletics  Marshall Steward and Tara Brooks