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The Office for Diversity and Inclusion supports the efforts of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion and his staff.

With the creation of the vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion position, UT has taken an important step in fulfilling its commitment to residents of Tennessee and positioning itself to be a leader on diversity and inclusive excellence.

Additionally, the office provides administrative oversight to the university-wide diversity councils and commissions, as well as several administrative offices and programs. We seek to further our campus community’s understanding and commitment to diversity and inclusion through our programming, education, and other initiatives.


The Office for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to advancing efforts to create a welcoming and accessible campus community. Our leadership drives inclusive excellence, leads to new discoveries and affords all students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to realize their full potential.


To be a recognized leader in equity, diversity, and inclusion endeavors.





  • Access – committed to making the university accessible to a wider range of people than have traditionally been included.
  • Accountability – holding the university and ourselves responsible for advancing diversity and inclusion.
  • Advocacy – promoting and supporting strategic diversity initiatives and inclusive practices.
  • Authenticity – being truthful and exposing realities.
  • Proactive – being on the forefront of progress and change.
  • Courage – moving forward despite adversity and risk.
  • Persistence – staying engaged even in the face of obstacles.
  • Justice – treating those with whom we come in contact equitably and fairly.
  • Principled – holding ourselves to a moral compass.
  • Compassionate – showing care and concern for others, especially those who have been marginalized.


The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.